Aging skin - terrifying obsessions of women

Aging is the process of deterioration of the function of the skin, including: the blood circulation and the lymphatic system in decline, losing the overall structure of the skin, weakening the capillaries under the skin, not removing toxins out.
The process of collagen also greatly diminished, the craniofacial structures weakened connective tissue layer, making the falls and was demolished gradually forming wrinkles and folds, the skin begins to flow sệ, loose poor firmness. The activity of enzymes such as collagenase, protiase ... in leather, double cell division slows down going at the same time horny skin chemistry process due to the impact of the environment and the sunshine becomes more pronounced, manifested by the darker skin into the array.
Skin aging is natural phenomenon cannot be avoided. However there are many causes of skin aging comes from the inside and the outside. So you can slow the aging process if know how proper skin care. Let's complement the knowledge to better understand this phenomenon.

Age aging skin
Skin entered the aging period quickly after age 30. However after age 25 is the aging process began and the anti-aging should start at this time. More about old aging process takes place with the level more quickly. 2 skin aging point milestone visibly as 30 and perimenopausal period.
Causes of skin aging
There are many causes of skin aging and are arranged into two groups: causes the subjective and objective causes.
Subjective causes: the aging process happen naturally with age. For this reason you can not intervene much that just limit it by eating the science, to rest.
Objective causes: The external factors such as direct exposure to the Sun, improper skin care, poor quality cosmetics use, unhealthy lifestyles (alcohol, beer, stay up late many, poor diet ...) With this cause you can totally fix to slow the aging process.
How to prevent skin aging effect
Not exposed to the sunlight in time from 10 am to 3 pm: the Sun is the source emits ultraviolet (or UV). The type of this is the rays should cause a lot of harm to your skin. The levels of the harmful effects of UV rays depends on the light intensity, time of exposure to light, and the skin was protected or not. When the Sun affects the skin, instantly, the skin cells will react on the contrary by increasing the Melanin production, which causes rapid skin aging.
Select appropriate cleansers
Choose creamy cleanser if you have dry skin and choose the type of foaming oil, alkaline as if you have oily skin. If you have sensitive skin, please see your dermatologist for advice.
Use warm or cool water when washing the face. Especially avoid washing with water too hot, as it will make your skin go missing natural moisturizers. Then, you take Pat to dry surface, should not rub too much!
Moisturize the skin
Moisturizer will protect and improve your skin. Whether owns the skin oil, you can still look to the moisturizing type does not contain oil or reserved for oily skin. Also if you have dry skin to moisturize yourself more than once a day. Pat on surfacing while nourishing substances to be moisturizing penetrate deeply into the skin.
Use sunscreen every day
You need sunblock for her skin every day whether to go out or stay in the House because the sunlight can still shone through the window. Currently there are many types of skin cream contains SPF. If you do not use the moisturizing type type can still use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and don't forget the sunblock for the lips.
Face mask with fruits:

You should wash your face gently washed, but should avoid hurting skin on the Palm, then up the type of fruit and argan oil face mask for firming, hydrating and provides the vitamins, essential fatty acids help the skin healthy. The fruit and argan oil face mask can do at home, inexpensive and long lasting performance. At face mask should relax, close your eyes, listen to soothing music to relax totally, deletes tan fatigue, stress prevention effectiveness. Should preserve the mask 2-3 times/week.
Please use the tool or exfoliation mask because they will help the skin we are the ball better. If you have dry skin, keep skin exfoliation once a week or twice if you have oily skin. If you have sensitive skin, you need to consult your dermatologist before baptism, by this action may cause skin injuries.
Always keep yourself a fresh new skin
There are many types of skin exfoliation automatically for you, exposing new skin cells, making the skin of your face brighter. Acne treatment medicines or anti aging skin product also has such effects thanks to Salicylic Acid and Retinoids. You can also use the mask peeling or ask dermatology professionals to choose for themselves the appropriate products. Absolutely not abuse drugs skin or acne medication had no apparent origin and do not follow the instructions.
Provides essential nutrients to the skin
Restricted substance, vitamin-enhanced: The substance is said to be the enemies of your skin is alcohol, cigarettes, coffee ... If you regularly use them, strongly stain human skin will quickly see. So you should minimize this harmful substances but instead is the addition of food from vegetables rich in vitamin A, C and E: this is considered as the vitamins have antioxidant effects.
Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen and are used in each step of the synthesis of collagen. Vitamin C is also involved in the formation of elastin. Vitamin C contained in broccoli, strawberry, Blueberry, red peppers, spinach, fruits such as citrus and strawberries.
Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin stimulates collagen regeneration and played an important role in the regeneration of the cells. It improves the enzymatic activity of collagen and elasticity of the skin. Vitamin A can be obtained from the mango, spinach, tomato and apricot.
Vitamin E works in combination with vitamin C for collagen production and maintain the elasticity of the skin. It also has a synergistic relationship with vitamin A, collagen and skin protection from the harmful rays of the Sun. Vitamin E can be extracted from olive oil, butter, green leafy vegetables and seafood.
Always check to see if you are allergic to cosmetics before use

Cosmetics do not always extracted completely from nature is good anywhere. You still may itchy with allergies and cosmetics easily. So please test a small portion onto your hands before using the products.

How to reduce 3-5cm belly fat for 2 weeks

Nowadays, many people choose for themselves how to lose weight from the weight loss foods efficiently. However, for those who do not fit the use of food aid, the natural weight loss methods from these exercises is perfect for. Exercise is not only a method of abdominal fat loss, muscle limbs effect that it also helps you to lose fat from thighs and hips quickly and safely.
In addition to the regular training exercises, you also need to have healthy nutrition, sure enough nourishment to the body at the same time supports the reduce thigh fat more quickly.
Please refer to the exercises reduce fat thighs and calves soon for here.
Exercise 1: running every day
Perhaps jogging exercise is one way to lose weight fast and most effective for everyone. If no conditions on economic and time to go to the gym but still want to lose weight, then jogging is a sport help great fat loss.
Just 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning to make the post launch and run a few laps around the park or his home living also help you significantly large amounts of consumption of calories. Running with a moderate speed combined with gentle breathing will help you keep your strength during weight loss, burn fat more efficiently.
Tips for slimming thighs fast: you drink a glass of lemon juice or diluted water filter after the exercise is completed, this will help you eliminate excess fat more quickly, including the layers of fat on the thighs calves also are slimming and firming.

Exercise 2:
This is one of those simple leg fat reduction exercises for but very good for the blood circulation and reduce leg fat efficiency significantly. You can make in the morning after getting up or evening and do not need large workout space area.
+ Step 1: stand straight, shoulders wide legs
+ Step 2: lean body forward so that both hands touching the tip of the feet, the legs always straight
+ Step 3: step right foot and knee khụy. Draw the legs and do the same with the left leg
+ Step 4: perform repeated movements each side five times.
Exercise 3:
This exercise helps you lose fat efficiently for both femoral region, the region, and the region of the channel. Training exercises from 10-15 minutes every day to achieve the fastest leg fat loss results.
+ Step 1: The supine on the floor of the back straight, hands to stretch under the body.
+ Step 2: two legs shrink stars for perpendicular to the floor at the same time lift the buttocks up as high as possible
+ Step 3: lower your butt down, legs to stretch about the location of preparation
+ Step 4: repeat the movements from 10-15 times.
Preparatory posture, legs shoulder width, bowed down under. While, the foot remains straight, put your hand down until touching floor.
Continue, keep the posture of the hands, put the right foot to the left, and the left knee khuỵu. And then draw the left leg is about, changing feet and do the same. make time for each side, each side 4. Practice this daily movements to quickly achieve results.
Exercise 4:
Preparatory posture, prone to the floor, straighten legs, elbow joint fight down to the floor. Slowly bring up the buttocks, legs straight and hold your hands remains the same. Next, hold the left leg, while the right knee khuỵu. At the same time, lean and lift the hips up higher section. Hold 2 seconds and then slowly lower your hips down.
Change the foot and do the same. Make 4 times for this action, every 4 beats.
Perform regular exercise reduce fat thighs will help you quickly owned compact and toned legs.
Exercise 5:
Prepare, supine, back straight, hands to stretch to the side. The palms face downward to the floor, the legs khuỵu knees form a 90 degree angle and the soles of the feet touching the floor.
Keep hands and feet, and then use the butt section lift off the floor. Next, lower the butt down and put the legs straighten up high, pushing forward and lift the buttocks up.
Return to original position, repeat the action 4 times. This movement is not just fitness article reduce fat thighs but also help you fight redundant fat part of flying a round 2.
Article 6:
Sit straight back, the legs khuỵu knees and soles of the feet from the floor about 50 cm, two-hand jam up high.
Then, stretch the legs through the left side, not touching the ground. Whole body sideways to the right, and put his hands to the right and touch the hands down to the floor. Return to original position, change sides and repeat the same. Perform this action 4 times and each side 4. This movement also considered how to reduce fat in the thighs of extremely effective
Exercise 7: hip lift
With this exercise, you just prepare a mattress or you can lie between the floor also.
Lifting hip movements
Preparation of supine posture on the floor with the knees folded. Lift hips up high until the body forms a straight line from the shoulders to the knees.
Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly lower the hip joint down the back to its original location.
Note When performing the exercises reduce fat thighs calves quickly
Every day you exercise at least 30 minutes (with normal people) to get the body toned. Also for those who are too fat should extend up about 40 minutes to beat excess calories faster.
Change of habit is a way of reducing the effective leg fat
Nutrition and living each day is one of the causes of excess fat in the waist and legs. So, if you change your living habits can also reduce fat from the legs, keeping the Nice physique.

On the advice of experts in nutrition, when using some types of food and drink good for weight loss, the process also works very good for reducing foot fat such as:
Drink green tea every day: green tea is always the "enemies" of excessive fat in the body. You should use from 3-4 cups of green tea each day to ensure the necessary quality, reduce fat legs effectively and limit the risk of cancer.
Eat more food "against fat": You do the diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce fat fast legs. According to research, apples and green radish is 2 food likely firming body, effective fat reduction if used regularly in the diet.
Enhance the beverage more vitamin C: according to the latest studies, the level of calcium in fat cells will help the process of fat metabolism better from that reduce fat faster. So, the drinks from lemons, oranges contain more vitamin C helps make calcium exchanger high efficiency.
Should eat more packed during the day: instead of eating 3 meals/day you should add extra breakfast 2-3 to balance the amount of food into the body, this will help you sort of don't get too hungry or lack of energy for the body. The fastest fat loss food should select as celery, tomato, melon, fresh fruits, ...

High protein supplement: sources of energy to create muscle is protein, therefore, how to lose fat and get a toned muscles, you should eat more protein-containing foods such as meat, fish, ... and should limit the fat , grease from animals, limiting the sauteed fried dishes, ...

Exercises that reduce biceps can be used daily

The biceps is the section where a very easy area of excessive fat but also difficult to train for. The majority of compact hand exercises using weights or against the methods push, making hands go compact but well known muscle. If you are looking for a gentle exercises, do not require complex tools, reduce fat arm region that remains the biceps skinnier then try to apply the following exercises.
1. Hands on Flex floor exercises
This exercise helps to burn fat from muscle region in the following hand area, the region of the lower arm. This is where fat accumulate easily. This exercise not only melt the excessive fat in the body after firming but also get you hands in the Compact. This is truly a thon hand exercises are extremely effective.
For this action, you do not need to use any tools. You can make directly on the floor or carpet.
How to file:
Sitting on the floor the legs close together. Two hands on the floor, wide shoulders, hip after about 30 cm. The fingers towards the hips. The Hippo hands down. Two bent knees and keep the two straight foot on the floor. Stretch two arms and lift the hips up. This will put the weight of the two arms. Left right hand, elbows bent to stretch, to lower his hips to the floor. Ensure the hips do not touch the floor. Repeat for the right hand rest.
2. Flex the hand muscles after exercise
This exercise helps you have the right two arms extremely compact fascinated by acting on the following hand muscles. You can perform this exercise at home with high chairs about 60 cm or 1 small table. The entire weight of the body will hold up the rear arm to do the muscle tension.
How to file:
Put 1 Chair or desk fixed. Standing in front of about 90 cm. Rotate back and put both hands on the edge of a Chair or desk. Two hands wide shoulders. Step 3-4 step forward. Stretch your body on, lower body down, so that the two pillows with the height of the Chair or desk. Two bent elbows and lower the body down as close to the floor as possible. Return to original position. Make 3 boards, 20 repetitions each day will help you reduce fat hand effectively.

3. Anti push
Exercises of basic exercises is push against the impact on a lot of muscle groups such as the arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen helps reduce fat and firming the body links.
Start with the position both hands against wider than the shoulders, two foot wide hips and keep always straight (to avoid sagging back or buttocks down to the influence of the spine).
From from hand to elbow 2 folding direction at an angle of 45 degrees, lower down until the ground parallel. For those who start exercise, your hands are not yet strong enough, can be folded in half way but note keep the right posture.
Use the resources at hand to fight against the return to the original position. Perform 10-12 movements. Holiday 30-45 seconds then repeat 3 times.
4. Lifting weights
For this exercise, you use free weights 2-3 kg depending on ability. The lobbying muscle of hand movements and shoulder muscles to reduce fat biceps.
Start with 2 foot posture with hips,  slightly folded, about 30 people. Two hand straightening Weightlifters contingency. Dang hands off 2 party and raise to shoulder height. From from the lower hand on its original location. Perform 10-12 movements. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
5. Hands folded
In this exercise, you need 2  lifting weights  2-3 kg and a carpet to lie. Direct acting assignments to the following hands, help reduce fat biceps after effectively.
Start with the supine, 2 legs, 2 handles give the straight perpendicular with the jam.
From folding the arms from the start and stop at 2, side note always keep the arm parallel throughout the implementation process, do not open the elbows out. Use hand weights to muscle back to its original position.
Perform 10-12 movements. Rest 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.
6. Putting exercises
Inhale the earth movements
Focus on muscle and pectoral muscle in the arm, putting exercises help you firming on the arm by burning the excess fat. Plus, you don't need any tools when performing this action. Body weight is close to melt stubborn fat accumulation in the arm.
Lying face down on the floor. The legs close together, make putting posture. Two hands wider than shoulder. Straighten elbows. Bend elbows and lower down. Remember not to touch the floor belly. Make 3 boards, 10 repetitions each day will quickly give you a beautiful slender toned hands. You can inhale the open land movements made by keeping your hands wider than shoulder and inhaled ground close by pulling the two together.
Note: If you feel difficult set of this exercise, try putting the knee. Instead you cornered up two legs and hands, you can be replaced with two knees and hands. And the best, you should read carefully the post instruction how putting a post for you.
7. Putting exercises Aerolean
Land land Aerolean inhalation inhalation action
This action focuses on the following hand muscles; so, it will help you know how effective hand fat reduction.
Located down on the carpet. Closed legs on, create the putting. Two hands wider than shoulder. The fingertip towards the two sides. The left elbows bent and lean to the left. Return to the original position and repeat for the right side.Perform this exercise as much as you would reduce the effective arm fat.
Note: If the new set and found it too difficult, beginning with two pillows on the floor. Don't forget to add the list following arm muscle exercises with weights at the gym.
8. Rotate the wrist exercises
This is one of those exercises that reduce arm fat that simply most effective if done regularly. Required training tools is two half-liter bottles of water.
Stand straight and hold each hand 1 pint water bottle. Rotate the two Palms as clockwise and then vice versa. Perform this action in 60 seconds for each rotation.

9. Fine half moon pose (Parivrtta Ardha Candrāsana)
This advanced action help you enhance effective fat reduction and tensions relax the muscles, particularly abdominal muscle firming.
-You start by standing up straight. Then, rotate the left and step the left foot.
-Hand shoulder high, spread out on either side. Two foot spread level. Rotate 90 degrees to the right leg, slightly rotate the left foot lightly.
-Lean to the right, pushing the hips forward, raise your left foot up the side, man-down horizontal touch the floor.
-Take left hand straight up, straighten the foot. Turn your head gently, look under the left fingers.
-Hold the pose for 30 seconds then change sides.
10. Tilt the bowed (Sanskrit)
This exercise also reduce fat biceps also enhance jewelry for your arms.
-Prepare you in upright posture, then extending two feet over a shoulder.
-Next, you folded forward, the left hand against the ground poles, high jam right hand, eyes looked upon their hands, knees kept straight.
-Then, you change sides and repeat the action.
11. Lift a leg and arm exercises
Raise a hand and leg movements
This is a great exercise to help firming the arms and legs. It helps to stretch his back.
Four-legged posture created by hand and knees. Two pillow under the hips, perpendicular to the body, two hands below the shoulders. Raise your right hand and stretch out before, towards the top of your finger forward. Simultaneously lift and stretch your left leg towards the back. Hold for a few seconds then back to original position. Repeat for the left hand and leg phảiThực from 15-20 times.
Tips to prevent arm fat

Prevention is always better than cure. If you can prevent fat from the arms, then everything will be all the more easier.
Healthy diet: the first and most important Thing to prevent the backstroke arm fat is focused on healthy diet instead of the unscientific diet causes accumulation of fat on the body. This is also one of the causes that create hand fat. Please complement many fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. It will always make you feel full but also absorbs less calories for the body. Eat more fiber rich foods to increase metabolism to help burn calories and fat arms.
Eat many small meals: Eat many small meals will help you feel full and eat less food than. Breakfast: don't skip breakfast because it's the first meal of the day. If removing packed, you will not be able to have more energy throughout the day. Drink plenty of water: drink plenty of water to enhance the metabolic process. In addition, drinking water before each meal helps you eat less and eat less will absorb fewer calories.
Green tea: start the day by drinking a cup of green tea. It helps produce energy to burn calories. Let's drink the 3-4 cup of green tea each day will burn excess fat accumulation by increasing the metabolic rate.
Set of cardiovascular exercises daily cardio: this exercise helps burn calories you absorb from food. Swimming, climbing, jumping rope, ... get you hands in the Compact.

Use the stairs instead of the elevator: always take stairs instead of taking the elevator to burn high.

Common mistakes in acne treatment

Acne, pimples, blackheads, ... is the acne condition do not expect common in any object and any age would do related to eating habits, due to weather, so a break mode, due to an allergy or due to other external causes should. This is the problem of littering that anyone interested and want to remove them quickly and efficiently, but it seems not everyone has enough knowledge to know how to avoid and treat off the point, even suffered extremely serious mistakes products so on a acne more, causing loss of confidence in all circumstances.
1. Use the cleanser does not match your skin
Many people think that acne grows on the skin is due to not being clean, so will find these types of cleansers have a strong recipe, and use all the tools such as the rough take fiber cleanser, washing machine , or rub too strong on the surface. This will cause da more you hurt that acne tends will grow even more. You will be skin irritation, the old acne blemishes can be pus flowing, traumatized skin hard.
So, when the skin has acne, please stay away from these types of cleansers many alkaline and example exfoliation. Of course, you should still use the Exfoliating blends gentle, kind of grainy Super fine, just use a 2-3 week. If you prefer not to use your hands to wash your face, you can use a soft sponge or soft gloves to wash your face.
2. Only the dot up acne cream acne stains
Creams and treatments not only support the healing of acne, which also helps prevent new acne. So, unless your doctor specified is used only to apply to acne, also with the kind of acne cream treatment in General, please apply a thin layer over the entire region of the skin that you often get pimples.
3. squeeze acne

The squeeze acne can cause bleeding, inflammation of the skin even leave the bruises in the last few weeks, even more serious is the pitting scars. Don't be too stressed when acne, body will do everything to fight the infection, making it quick to disappear even without the use of any type of medication. An advice for you is that, when there are whiteheads, wash your face and hands, then squeeze lightly to remove acne, then human topical anti acne spot gets Acne to avoid infection. If not the whiteheads should not touch, the body will have the appropriate treatments. In addition, with each skin type, need different advice from these experienced dermatologists to maintain a healthy and smooth skin.
4. Misuse of milk cleanser
Many people with oily skin often for that, wash your face frequently and use oil blotting paper can limit the amount of oil on the surface. That's true, but not oily and acne skin measures properly. The too abusive types of cleansers that will cause the skin to lose the external protection layer and weak. Also, wash your face and constant oil seepage will stimulate the pores, causing more oil out as much, enlarged pores causes rough skin, easy to catch dust, prone to breakouts.
5. Do not use sunscreen
The downside of these people own acne skin is prone to clogged pores and hard to find kind of sunscreen accordingly. By this, many have ignored the use of sunscreen to the skin before sun exposure contain UV damage leads to premature aging. The good news is that the Sun products have had the boom, with the popularity of ingredients such as zinc oxide (natural minerals help anti-inflammatory, reduce skin irritation), one can easily find lotions are lightweight and non-greasy. If no product would suit your skin, don't forget still very much moisturizer containing sunblock ingredients.
6. Misuse of the make-up concealer
Skin is acne or scarring can make up to cover the defect, help the sisters to go to school, go to work always. With the stick and the pollen proper background color, outsiders can hardly realize the true condition of the skin below the chalk layers of makeup. However, this temporary method of abuse, acne scarring, can not can not from that reverse the pores get clogged, inflamed Sebaceous substance due to not being wiped out. From there, increasing pore enlarges, making acne continues to grow. Not to mention your use of cosmetics containing ingredients of skin irritation, and layers of makeup are not cleaned by the water make-up match will cause inflammation causing more severe acne condition.

7. Lazy to change pillowcases
Pillowcases are home to bacteria, they will accumulate and grow while your skin is in contact with the surface of the pillow. It is easy to increase the risk of pimples. Thus, do not float as the dry and replace the pillow for at least 1 week/time, using mini vacuum cleaners to clean your pillow should even use washing powder safe and dry them in the Sun. Thus, the new restrictions are you skin the appearance of acne and the replacement of pillowcases also helps you to check was the cause being his acne.
8. Do not moisturize the skin
When acne skin for moisturizing the skin is extremely important. Help for healthy skin to resist the infiltration of bacteria that cause acne.At the same time limiting the oil secretion causes clogged pores.
So to better care for acne skin, you need to note some of the following issues:
Habit of touching the face, moulding, smoking, or get acne because that will cause redness and create scarring the skin.
Sealing factors limiting rules such as hair cosmetic use waterline, to hair covering the face, sweat more
Choose the cleaning products, skin match: calming skin cleansing products, does not contain a strong detergent particles; the products have the note "non-acnegenic" or "non-conmedogenic".

So wash your face 2-3 times per day. Just wash with clean water when dry skin, redness, itching due to the effects of the drug are treated. Can be used to add the proper cleansing product once in the evening when the oily skin. When washing cotton towels or should not rub because dolohov would do that just to wash gently by hand, then dry clean towel water seepage.

The secret to help women have a good shape balance

If you want to lose weight fast should not skip breakfast
The breakfast was one of the very important meals of each of us. You should not skip breakfast because it is energy supply help you can work and study throughout one morning.
According to some studies from Harvard University, then most people who eat breakfast regularly every day will be able to reduce obesity and the risk of diabetes may also reduce the range from 35% to 50% compared to regular people fasting or at least eating breakfast.

How to lose weight fast by drinking lots of water
Make sure you also hear a lot about the effects of drinking plenty of water every day will help for the body is the substance residue contacts as well as help for the sisters to have a skin more beautiful each day? Especially not just stop there, I learned that drinking plenty of water each day works very well for the women would want to lose weight fast.
Why drink plenty of water you can lose weight quickly? A simple thing is that when you water pipes will reduce the amount of food a bunch load to the body. If you want to lose weight just drinking a glass of water before a meal or are you can also drink a bowl of broth instead of water you drink. When your body has had enough in a certain amount of water will help the liver to filter the better, always retain enough moisture to the skin, helping skin is smooth and energetic every day.
How to lose weight fast by drinking water regularly every day to help you have a good health and lose weight quickly. You can totally instead of drinking water each day by drinking some juices such as apple juice, grapefruit juice, carrot juice, coconut water ... will be very good for the body.

How to lose weight fast by eating apples before eating dinner

As you also see, apple is a fruit not only contains more fiber in apples also has a very rich amount of vitamin. Can estimate each one is apple contains about 5 grams of fiber and most concentrated in the Peel apples. So when you eat apples the best is you should not trim the rind of apple.
A most amazing thing is that the fiber contained in apples will make you feel full so you can help regulate appetite symptoms so you can also reduce the amount of food a tolerated on the inside of the body. The women want to lose weight fast, you can start with dinner, 1 apple with a mild diet ensures that you will lose weight very quickly.

Homework is a way to lose weight fast

One way to lose weight fast and very good efficiency right at home that is the advantage of cleaning the home work instead of you having to spend time each day to apply some fitness exercises to lose weight. When you take advantage of the work almost like is you exercise every day.
Some chores like laundry, cleaning, cooking or just climbing stairs is also one of the ways to lose weight very well. During the afternoon, you should take advantage of the time high temperature can go dry by hand, and then map ironing the clothes ... do the work that will help canvas exuding sweat.

Grapefruit weight quickly.

According to Dr. Ken Fujioka, working at Scripps Clinic, San Diego and is head of the research group effect of grapefruit in weight, including grapefruit and some proteins – has become popular for the treatment of obesity for years. How to lose weight fast with grapefruit will get you in shape as you like.
15 minutes after each meal, you make desserts with grapefruit. Grapefruit this time help feed have been absorbed into the body Digest quickly and avoid the accumulation of food into body fat.

Abdominal weight loss by salt

Use salt granules massage helps the body eliminate toxins and much excess fat in the abdominal area. Use 1 cup of salt to the hot phase particles form a gelatinous and gentle massage on the abdomen for 10 minutes and clean bath with warm water. After the shower, grab an extra spoon of salt to give into your Palm and rub lightly on the abdomen until you see the hot then stops, this is a way to effectively lose weight are many believe is highly effective and applicable. Those with sensitive skin can use finer than salts.

Get enough sleep, enough time in the day

Lack of sleep will slow the metabolic processes of the body and increase the appetite even more sweet. Estimated to have a weight loss process efficiently, the 7-8 one day is enough time for a normal body.

Don't eat night and helps lose weight more effectively

The evening is the time your body needs the rest should not need much more active energy, if you eat a lot at this point, the amount of food that will convert into fat then accumulate in the body. In the evening you should eat less and exercise combination 1 gentle exercise before going to sleep to lose weight is more effective and has a good sleep.

Regular exercise is the way to effectively lose weight at home today

Anyone knows, exercise or dedicated the exercises as a way to lose weight effectively and necessary. If every day you walk 3 km in about 30 minutes or work from home in half then you have burn 100 calories.

To have a fit and balance as you like then the science diet, you also need to combine with exercise to maintain health and physique and neat. The strict diet that lazy athlete also is not the way to lose weight safely and effectively is also not high by those who have the habit of exercise. Choose yourself a proper weight loss methods for avoiding the abuse of high speed that measures be applied the way lose weight safely and effectively at home to maintain your weight.

You’re make mistakes in weight loss

With modern life as it is today, having 1 balanced physique has become the needs of women. So they are always looking for effective weight loss method. However, many people still have misconceptions in weight cause can not reduce weight but also debilitate the body. So today, I am writing this article to point out the misconceptions of people in weight loss.
A lot of my sister for that weight loss associated with a strict diet. They are willing to give up the foods that contain fat, starch, sugar. Each day they only eat vegetables and fruits. This is a fairly dangerous mistake causes lack of substance, vulnerable to depletion in a short time made.
A mistake when losing weight is the only diet only is enough, they won't exercise. To do so you will not be improved in shape, the body will still overweight.
You also should not drink too much lemon juice or other juices contain more acidic with the desire to lose weight fast. It is a mistake when easy weight loss makes you suffer from stomach pain.
In summary you should not make the mistake of losing weight on. Every day you should set yourself a weight loss plan, healthy eating, matching exercise to be effective.
Average weight of concerns many people, so there are many ways to lose weight are made. But among them, there are many methods do not work, on the contrary can also be harmful to your health.

Go hungry when exercising
If go hungry while fitness and after finishing the exercises you will quickly load energy instantly with a tendency to load more than the normal level. The go hungry when practicing easy body fatigue, muscle pains, even cramps.
It's best to supplement a little something, sure enough no body, enough energy before the episode 30-60 minutes. After the practice you should only eat vegetables, salad or fruit, chocolate milk, low-fat, protein-rich foods within calorie 100-300.
Remove some substances to lose weight
Gluten, dairy, sugar, starch, meat ... are all located in the tips, the different diets. Actually, remove some nutrients or foods can help lose weight at first, but that is a result of the change in your eating behavior.
For example when removing sugar, you avoid using the cake, candy ... But removing some food in reverse can cause weight gain. These foods do not contain gluten, the road back to contain chemical additives, more calories than, and also not healthy.
Restrict all snacks

Junk food is not a serious problem when you're trying to lose weight. Many people need a snack between meals to maintain energy levels, especially if they have an active lifestyle. So, you should choose fruit or vegetables instead of chips, chocolate and other snacks are high in sugar or saturated fats.
Drink water help weight loss
The water does not cause you to lose the weight but it keeps the body hydrated and helps you eat less. Water is essential for your health and your life. However, you should be drinking about two liters of water a day but don't abuse it
Skipping meals to lose weight
Skipping meals is not a good idea. Losing weight means you have to reduce the amount of calories consumed, or increase the amount of calories you burn through exercise. But skipping meals can lead to fatigue and lack of nutrition. Not to mention, you can eat in the packed after clearing without control.
Just 30 minutes of exercise per day is enough
Although 30 minutes training enhances your metabolism, you can not spend the whole day just to sit still on the bench.
The study found that people who lose weight and keep the weight it is best to keep people active pace regularly during the day. You should find little ways to operate, especially if you do office.
Climbing stairs, standing when phone calls, walk around the bathroom when brushing ... these small activities can be of great help for you.
No junk food
Junk food is not necessarily harmful, or cause you to gain weight, just choose cleverly. If not junk food, you will find offensive, hunger leads to to the main meal you will load more loads ever since. It is difficult to control this.
Junk food will help you reduce cravings, thus loaded less calories. Can choose the wise foods such as fruit, salad, vegetable soup, candy black socôla, yogurt. or any food would likely make no sense but does contain more calories.
Go hungry is the best weight loss way
A poor diet can not afford for long term weight loss results. The energy in your body will be high make you crave the foods rich in fat and sugar. The result, the appetite of these fatty foods will cause you regularly eat more calories than you need, that cause weight gain.

Go hungry does not help you lose weight long term but also makes energy in the body is low.

Summer, you need to do to keep your skin radiant

Summer skin care is the issue of being more interested in women. By sunshine, wind, dirt, sweat ... as all these elements are not good to your skin each day. Summer facials way to da white red always not aging?
Own the white skin smooth, healthy and spotless is the dream of many women. However not everyone possesses such a skin. Thus, skin care and improve her skin is always the thing that my sister is very interested. Especially in this hot weather, the summer facials as more important.
In summer, the pores are usually wider than normal to bloom can regulate body temperature and your skin. So that the face skin or oily secretion, perspiration. Besides, the Sun contains ultra violet UV impact on skin moisture loss of the skin create acne and blemishes.
If you do not prepare summer facials reasonably true today, the skin of the women will go strongly stain human prone, aging, no longer keep shining beauty smooth as the original. The following are the principles needed to protect and take care of the smooth white skin. Join the 5 following guidelines improve his facial!
1. Clean the skin
Basic skin care step first is hygienically clean. You should bathe and wash your face 2 times with milk bath, soothing cleanser every day. The products on the market are very diverse but you should choose a category that best suits your skin. According to advice from the professionals, my sister should use products that are extracted from natural ingredients, both clean, just provide nutrients, hydrating for the skin.
This is the most important step to keeping your skin clean and healthy always. Oily skin should choose cleansers containing Salicylic acid component, helps clean the sebum on the skin and prevent breakouts. Dry skin should choose soothing Milky cleanser, moisturizing composition to the skin is always soft. Should also not too abused cleanser twice a day, morning and evening is enough. In addition, exfoliate the skin once a week to help remove the dead cells on the skin, helps the skin clear.
2. Hydrating
This is considered critical care step as the process of cleaning the skin to get a fresh and healthy skin. Whatever your skin type, use moisturizer is essential. If condition, you should ask a dermatologist for measuring the degree of elasticity and sebum to choose the proper moisturizer to your skin.
You should apply moisturizer right after a shower, when your skin is still hold certain moisture. However, you should only apply the amount just enough to seep into the skin, the cream should not be used to avoid wasting too much energy and cause pore blockage.
3. Limited sunshine and use sunscreen daily
Sure you ladies would also know about the harmful effects of the Sun's rays, the UV rays. The sunshine after 9 am onwards that contains much ultraviolet UVB RAYS can make you sunburn, aging and strongly stain human skin. Should like to summer facials real well, you also should limit exposure to the Sun. When out on the street you should wear sunblock brightly to limit heat absorption, wide cones, masks, gloves, sunglasses, ...
To have an effective and more convenient is that you can use sunscreen. You can find out how to select sunscreen before choosing to buy any type. Define his facial skin is oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, or to be able to choose the most appropriate sunscreen.
Bring sunscreen, toothpaste tubes according to the apply for every, 3-4, obliterate before 30 minutes before the Sun. Sunscreen products have two categories that are for the face and for the body. To facials you should choose the right type of sunscreen for the face. This also helps the more convenient for the makeup with sunscreen.
4. Skin exfoliation
For 14 days, the skin will regenerate once again. 28-30 years, skin regeneration process lasts up to 28 days. During this period, the old dried out skin, dead skin cells sticking together. Each week exfoliation about 2 times will help clean skin deeply, take away the dirt in pores and dead cells. Thanks to it, your skin will be fresh and absorb moisturizers better.
5. Living in moderation:
Provide enough water for the body during the summer to help prevent dry skin
Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, reducing the food contain more fat and hot spicy oil. Drink plenty of water, at least 2.5 litres of water per day.
Limit alcohol and tobacco, which is the cause of dehydration and dryness of the skin, making the skin aging quickly ... to sleep early and enough sleep to the skin has time to recover. Besides, you should also choose a sport to practice every day, has just increased resistance has just help the body, sweating and discharges of substances through the skin, helping skin dregs toned and energetic.

It's simple, just a little note to you is not concerned what the sun can damage your skin.