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No need to leave plenty of time to gym gym or make extreme weight loss menus that you can still lose weight? What is the secret? Together learn about 5 types of super cheap weight loss drink that we are about to introduce here!

1. Lose weight with watermelon juice

Watermelon juice has long been known as one of the delicious juices, the beauty of the skin and are much favored by women. But few people know that, in addition to the delicious drink is watermelon juice is also a raw material weight extremely excellent!

Melons contain lots of water, lots of vitamins (vitamin C, PP and B group...), minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium, ...) and low in calories, helping you enhance metabolism, digestive support, removing excess grease, cooling the body, good for the skin, the liver, the kidneys and the cardiovascular system, bring good sleep.

2. Water purification weight loss

Can say that drinking 2 liters of water each day is always the advice for removing toxins and provide enough water for the body. However, not everyone knows this is the weight loss method is extremely effective.
But just kind of drinking water but water filter back capable of defeating excessive fat and removing excess fat from the body. Not only that, it also promotes the digestion process, increase the activity of the Agency.
Thanks to it, making the liberation of a large amount of calories from the body, helping to lose weight are more effective. At the same time, drinking water filter regularly will help you dispel the hunger, reduced appetite, thereby preventing food intake into the body. Compared to the other types of weight loss drink filtered water is known to be cheap drinks again.
To filter drinking water to lose weight the right way, you only need to drink enough 2 liters of water per day and to drink each other when separated, should not drink.

3. Green tea Juice

Green tea is the drink tastes delicious is quite a lot of Favorites and also the type of weight loss extremely effective. In the leaf green tea contains catechin has the effect of fat metabolism, reduces the concentration of blood fats such as triglycerides, cholesterol, reduced fat accumulation in the liver and other parts of the body.
Caffeine in green tea juice helps curb your appetite, increase the loss of body water. In addition, green tea can reduce the amount of fat in the blood, purifying, removing toxins in the body can help anti-aging skin and helps the body healthy. Citric acid and vitamin C in lemon supports the digestive system, reduce the absorption of sugar from food. Green tea is warm water combined with 1 lemon you've got a glass of water and drink delicious weight loss!

4. Coconut water weight loss

Not only is the drink cooler, cooling the body when the hot sunny weather that coconut water is also known as one of the types of water effective lose weight incredibly amazing.
Coconut water contains more electrolytes than the type of soft drink or juice. Thanks for that, give the body the necessary nutrients as well as enhance the metabolic process, help defeated the excessive fat accumulation. Consequently, the provision for the body 2 cups coconut water every day both lose weight, just bring efficiency in health care.

5. Lose weight with lemon juice mixed honey

The combination of lemon and honey to create a kind of drinking water to lose weight incredibly amazing. In the lemon contains more acid and vitamin C has the effect of clearing the excess fat quickly.
Plus that, the fat content in honey is very low, which contains many B vitamins, C, calcium and potassium, to not lose the balance of nutrients in the body. To lose weight with lemon honey mix, you just grab your honey, mixed with a little warm water, then moulding lime juice in.
Please use this drink every morning and evening will help you bring great weight loss results! Above are some share of the weight loss drink. In addition to the share this, to be able to lose weight better than sisters should be combined with the regular exercise combined with diet, proper rest.

Looking forward to that, the information about 5 types of drinking water to lose weight in the article will help you Pocket weight loss tips with cheap but effective oral medication extremely high!

Wish my sister soon get in shape as expected.

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