6 effective treatments for acne at puberty

Feeling uncomfortable because of the continuous rise in the acne stage of puberty, many types of acne like acne: thank you, blackheads ... appear on the face and very difficult treatments. Pimples are not handled in a timely manner will spread to other skin areas. Learn the way to treat acne in puberty with 100% natural ingredients, reduce acne on the face quickly and efficiently.
Puberty acne is caused by?
According to the experts as to the puberty, hormones in your body change, stimulate the sebaceous glands secrete more oil, usually to protect the skin but when lubricating oil mixed with dead skin cells causes the sealing pores, bacteria usually hide on the surface of the skin, which will form the nucleus of acne. Puberty acne has expired but will leave deep acne should you need immediate treatment to ensure bright white face radiant.
The way to treat acne in puberty are most effective
1. How to treat acne in puberty at home by fish-lettuce
Fish lettuce just beneficial for health as well as how puberty acne at the extreme efficiency for both men and women that experts recommend.
How to treat acne in puberty at home by fish lettuce works extremely fast
Step 1: you grab a few lettuce leaves wash fish.
Step 2: to retire lettuce leaves and crushed fish up the skin acne.
Step 3: To mask overnight and wash your face clean with warm water in the morning.
If persistence with this way, you not only get the pimple clean skin, but also smooth radiance.
2. How puberty acne with tomatoes

Tomatoes are not just delicious, nutritious food in the dishes that it also is how puberty acne effectively. You can completely eliminate acne with the way up tomato mask.
Tomato face mask is the most effective way to treat acne in puberty
Step 1: You wash the tomatoes and cut the tomatoes into thin slices.
Step 2: wash your face clean before up the mask to increase the absorption efficiency.
Step 3: Up the tomato slices on the side.
Step 4: hold the mask on the face who opens 20 minutes then wash the surface clean.
You should also note up all over face and avoid possible too thick, too thin. How to treat acne with puberty this you should do before going to bed to achieve optimal efficiency.
3. How to most effectively treat acne in puberty with lemon and milk
Lemon and milk is 2 familiar ingredients help skin is pretty much the sisters choose. In particular, the combination of lemon and milk would be the way to treat acne in puberty extremely effective.
The most effective way to treat acne in puberty in the House with lemon and milk
The implementation of:
Step 1: prepare the squeezed lemon juice ¼
Step 2: Mix lemon juice into a small glass of milk (fresh milk, powdered milk, Unsweetened condensed milk)
Step 3: Use the mixture to wash the face once/day will help treat acne and acne swelling resistance to do so dramatically. Not only that, how this acne also helps take away the skin, smoothing the skin.
Lemon medium acne treatment can remove dead skin cells, if want to know more how to puberty acne by lemon you can refer to the article: Acne Treatment using lime juice extremely fast and simple
4. How to treat acne in puberty male with tumeric
Technology must be very familiar with each of us. To help treat acne effectively puberty you use turmeric powder and mix well with the honey. This will be the way to treat acne in puberty male at home most effectively, by the nutrients contained in honey along with the scar heal effects of technology will make the acne nodules must be reduced, no longer leaving scars and bruises if you perform regularly.
The most effective way to treat acne in puberty male quickly with technology

Step 1: prepare fresh turmeric and honey 1 spoon of turmeric powder, 2 spoons of honey then you blend the mixture together and then give in small cups.
Step 2: after cleaning the skin acne puberty you can appy  all mixed up then relax for about 10 minutes then rinse with cool water to help se top acne.
If you want to learn more how to treat acne with technology you can reference: synthesis of how to treat acne from fresh home efficiency technology
5. How to treat acne in puberty with honey and cinnamon powder
This is also the method of  how to treat acne in puberty are more teen use. With how to treat acne with honey and cinnamon powder.
The most effective way to treat acne in puberty with honey and cinnamon powder
Step 1: You mix 3 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of cinnamon powder to form a mixture make.
Step 2: you can get cotton dot and appy the mixture onto the stain of acne.
Step 3: after about 30 minutes you go rinse with warm water. Or you can also make this mask before sleeping and wash it again the next morning.

This mask type not only helps clear acne but also help your skin becomes smooth, pink and white.

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