Dry Skin Should Be Cared For?

Dry skin is a natural, innate can not change it but with the If skin care the right way can reduce the disadvantages of dry skin. This needs to be taken daily as a routine.

Step 1: wash your face.
With people who have dry skin, absolutely do not use hot water when washing the face, will as dry skin. You can use warm water, but it is best to use cool water.
Each day just wash your face 1-2 times is enough, no more, rinse in the morning and evening.
Choose a gentle cleanser, no fragrance and should have the natural moisturizing ingredients like milk, cucumber, Aloe, jojoba oil or butter.
Avoid rubbing on the skin, will render the skin becomes flaky, grainy and rough.
Dry your face lightly with a soft towel in the end then.
Limit the scrubs, if yes then should only 1-2 times/week.
If you want to relax in the bath, you can add a little milk or oat flour. They will help the skin soft.
Step 2: moisturize.
Dry skin moisturizing are required, unlike other skin types, otherwise the skin will still dry as old.
Choose an appropriate moisturizer for the face then apply to the skin after washing. Consider the types of vitamins E, A, or ceramides.
Avoid using vaseline for face skin because it's easy to make steak pore though highly moisturizing effect, it should be used only for the hands or lips.
You can also use a natural moisturizer like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, Shea butter.
Step 3: use cosmetics.
Avoid cosmetics that contain alcohol, because they will do more than dry skin. Also be careful when using toners, astringents and peels.
The beauty products that contain mineral oils, colorants, preservatives and fragrances can also cause dry skin, more irritating to the skin.
Step 4: skin face mask.
Dry skin will dry out if the lack of moisture and fat. To supplement, you should of cut skin mask downloads, they will also help provide extra vitamins and minerals to the skin.
You can use a chemical mask or masks handmade from natural materials. Chemical peels, the convenient and safe but more expensive; the efficiency depends on each person's skin.
Natural handmade masks suitable for people who have dry skin that is:
Honey, olive oil.
Bananas, yogurt.
Butter, fresh milk.
Aloe Vera (Portuguese checkers), cucumber.
Honey, oats.
Step 5: nutrition.
Drink plenty of water every day is simply to keep the moisture for the skin as well as other parts of the body. About 8-10 glasses of water per day is enough, you can also drink the juice supplements.
Make sure to eat adequate nutrition to the skin and the body in general are healthy. In it, should note the following foods:
Omega-3: they are in salmon, flaxseed, walnuts.
Vitamin C: there are many in citrus, guava, pineapple, bell peppers, strawberries and green vegetables.
Magnesium: many in the fish, nuts, green leafy vegetables and legumes.
The foods such as avocados, cucumbers, olive oil, oysters, sweet potatoes and yogurt are also useful in reducing skin dryness, peeling and grainy.
Step 6: protect the skin.
Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine because they make the body lose more water, the result is more and more dry skin.
Use sunscreen having SPF 30 minimum when going out, if exercise should use SPF 50 + categories, against both UVA and UVB RAYS and waterproof.
Hat, mask and dressed in long hand to Sun best.

Perfect background step makeup for dry skin
A dry skin, lifeless chappy makes you very much difficulty in getting the makeover step background. Take along a small tip reference aFamily in background makeup to get your skin smooth, natural light for me!
Step 1: With the dry skin chappy, the first to do it is to use daytime moisturizing cream for the skin. After the DAB cream on a number of points on the face, you are a DAB hand and massage lightly for the entire face to ice cream quickly penetrates to the Interior skin, helps the skin soft and smooth over tensions.
Step 2: after using the cream, you can use a piece of paper the oil to penetrate dry skin, avoid skin oil balls after using the cream.
Step 3: You choose natural colours Foudation and the truth with your skin. At some point the cream dots on my face and DAB are to help smooth over skin.
With darker skin on the face such as the nose, eyes or puffiness some cons such as acne scars, bruises, you can use light colored skin than Foudation naturally to the face is bright and evenly colored
Step 4: Use light light dots Foudation on the whore up on her face, gently spread evenly to the background quickly seep into the skin, creating a natural, bright color.
Step 5: With the spots or acne scars, you use the pen concealer low, lightweight and compact concerler on acne blemishes.

Step 6: To the stain concealer, not you use chalk powder, lightly DAB the brush pen over the concealer first, help for the color is spread are natural and real smooth.

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