Falling just 1kg excessive fat with 2 ways to lose weight fast in 3 days

Overweight, fat free cause you lack confidence when an the tight outfits? Are you struggling with weight loss methods vary but the effects are just numbers 0 to do not so much to influence health?
You depressed quickly abandoned his weight loss journey? So why don't you try apply how to lose weight quickly in 3 days here. You will be very surprise after 3 days.
1. How to lose belly fat fast in 3 days at home with bananas
The banana is not only delicious, nutritious fruits with rich nutritional value but also as a food help women lose weight quickly and effectively that the cost savings to the Max.
Such firepower as in the bananas also contain a different fiber types that have the effect of resistance of starch contained in bananas will be fermenting in the stomach creating products that help burn fat 20-25%, thus reducing the energy enter the body, avoiding the ccumulation of excess fat.
Besides the results of scientific research have shown that in bananas contain vitamins, potassium, and magnesium that does not contain fat, cholesterol should be would create the feeling of no longer, help lose weight effectively. Below is the formula weight effectively by bananas in 3 days to my sister can refer to and apply to your daily menu.

Day 1:
Morning: black coffee or tea, 1 slice toast and 2 banana
Lunch: 150 g tuna, 1 slice of bread, 1 cup Banana Smoothie
Evening: chicken breasts, 1 carrot, 2 banana
Day 2
Morning: 1 egg, 1 slice of bread, 1 cup Banana Smoothie
Lunch: cheese and 2 banana
Dinner: cabbage Salad and 1 banana
Day 3
Morning: 2 banana, 1 cup of black coffee or tea
Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 slice of bread, 1 cup Banana Smoothie
Evening: 120 g tuna, 1 cucumber, 1 banana
Note: with how to lose weight in 3 days with this banana should you maintain regularity to bring the effect as desired. However should not eat bananas when hungry to avoid having the opposite effect, with people suffering from stomach pain, digestive system not good should not apply this to lose weight.
2. How to lose weight fast for 3 days by Apple
According to the results of scientific research, Apples contain plenty of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, whilst there are very few calories and fat should will get you feeling no longer, help lose weight effectively. So eating apples is one of the ways to lose weight at home are women apply common.
Reduce belly fat fast in 3 days
In the Apple pectin substances contains many works by removing excess fat out of the body

Day 1
Morning: 1 slice bread, 1 slice + cheese + 1 Apple
Lunch: salmon + tomato + 2 apples
Evening: 2 slices of rye bread + 1 Apple
Day 2
Morning: 1 Apple grind + raisins + glass of low-fat milk
Lunch: 1 Salt cake + 1 egg + 1 Apple
Evening: 1 bowl of mixed rice + 1 banana and 1 Apple
Day 3
Morning: 1 slice 2 slices bread + cheese + 1 Apple
Noon: stir-fried beef + 1 Apple
Evening: cabbage Salad + 1 Apple
Note: in addition to eating apples weight directly, you can also the Apple processing into attractive dishes to enrich his menu, like Apple juice, yogurt, apples Apple salad mix. Should be done regularly to effectively lose weight and regain your ideal body.
3. Damage from improper weight loss
According to experts, the way to lose weight in 3 days from bananas and apples are relevant only to the case where the condition has not yet weighed in at an alarming rate, this way fit better diet weight loss remedies is replaced because of the fact that it brings efficiency is not high.
+ The improper weight loss often experience symptoms such as fatigue lack vitality, the spirit is not enough awake, people are always in a State of drowsiness
How to effectively lose weight for
According to expert weight loss not properly will cause harm to health

+ The risk of diseases like diabetes, stomach pain, esophageal reflux, poor metabolic processes, impaired immune system.

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