How To Care For Oily Skin Effect

Oily skin or oily skin is always in the oily condition of the ball, especially in the region and hard to control, so the problem of acne is also often encountered in this skin type. Oily skin can be caused by Genetics or by a certain factor, in a time which made the skin you suddenly gets nasty greasy. Whatever the reason, you should also review the skin care regimen and control sebum more efficiently!
Causes of oily skin was acne?
-Genetic: in fact, your current skin often is inherited from your parents.
-Improper skin care: do not know their skin type and choose the type of reel beauty cosmetics, skin care, easily making your skin's moisture balance was lost, then the oil on the face will be secreted by lack of water make a natural mechanism of the body.
-Psychological stress: stress, excessive pressure causes the status on.
-Hormonal changes: this can change your skin: smoother, more acne prone and oily when puberty; more dry, easy to aging than when perimenopausal age, ...
-Diet: not eating in moderation and not enough substance is also a major influence on the health of your skin.
How to care for oily skin suffers most effective acne
To oily skin care truly effective you need to pay attention to the "treated" with your skin daily. To the skin less greasy and does not cause acne, the most important thing is the need to help the skin balancing moisture and decrease the secretion of oily translation. Here are the rules to note done helps you get more beautiful and healthy skin.

Clean the skin
This is the first step is extremely important for any skin type. Especially for oily skin then regular dirt condition hold on the face is inevitable.
** A note when cleaning the skin:
-Select the type of cleanser for oily skin: choose the type of surface that contains milk ingredients: salicylic acid, citric acid and glycolic acid, ... We will help you to remove dirt and mucus more quickly at the same time astringent snugly pores and acne prevention effective.
-Should wash your face with warm water: water has warm temperatures help remove greasy oil more efficiently, however you also note do not use the water too hot. In addition, you can add a little salt to the water to wash the face will be very effective for control of slime.
-Should not wash your face too many times: but that the removal of mucus and dirt on skin by washing the face is needed in parallel should not abuse it, will make the skin too dry, oily secretions more stimulus. Every day, wash your face 2 times is enough for all skin types.
Do not abuse my products
-Oily skin easy steak and pore-clogged dirt, so only when really necessary new cream makeup and other cosmetics beauty type.
-Select Skin Whitening cosmetics, makeup, quality and credibility is essential to not attack acne prone skin.
Used oil blotting paper
This is the measure of fire and can control the sebum on the skin most effectively. Always wear oil absorbent paper to ensure that the party not to oily skin ball too long prone to dust and dirt sticking deep and lost points in the eyes of the people.
You should also select the paper type oil has extracted Spanish conversation, this type is suitable for the medium can help se snugly pores acne treatment effective support again.
Use the oily skin care mask gets acne
Each skin type should be added the necessary nutrients to nourish the skin in a private way. For oily skin you can apply masks for oily skin care right at home by lemon juice and eggs.
* How do the following: stir the mixture: 2 tsp + 1 table spoon of lemon juice + 1 egg white chicken. After that, the DAB are up to approximately 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. With this simple recipe, every week you just made 2 times will help treat acne, se snugly pores at the same time can Exfoliating effect.
Other measures being greasy skin care acne
-Limiting the skin contact with dust and sunlight by topical lotion (for oily skin), shielding it carefully when outside.
-Diet: avoid stimulants, minimize eating the fried, fried, spicy food is hot.
-Drink lots of water is good for the body and very necessary to remove oily skin acne.
-Avoid touching and moulding pimples acne condition limited to being inflammatory, hurt worse for the skin.
Use the Revert to remove the greasy oil and acne prevention
Most of the oily skin have acne, Acne can be hidden, acne, acne inflammation, ... If the number of breakouts at least then you can use the ways to eliminate the discomfort caused by lubricating oil daily, however if the weather condition as the oil too heavy and makes the skin pimples then you need to choose the appropriate remediation methods.

The acne products Revert due to dermatological Oriental medicine Vietnam Center for research and development be viewed is the product suitable to overcome oily skin pimples of Asians with distinct characteristics of the body and hot, humid tropical environment.

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