How to choose colors hair fit with the face

Select hair color dyed according to each type of skin color
1/ White skin, dye any hair color is beautiful
The bright white skin you do not need to worry much about the problem of beautiful hair dye color Hair style. This is the pros worthwhile for you to take advantage of the in-game with this color. Regardless of hair dye colors, would then look at you also still outstanding.
The bright colors such as red, yellow, pink, purple or even fashion colors like Platinum, blue, smoke grey, moss green, dip dye or dye ombre.
Also with round face, to face longer, you should select the type of hair trimmed to create the floor, straight or curly perm to gently turn the throne skewed to any disproportionate styling, say no to the format the horizontal roof because hair will make your face more.
The most perfect length is equal or a bit more, don't get too long or short hair will reveal surface defects.
Besides, to help her young and more personality you can choose for themselves the color as follows: Brown, light brown, red wine, red brown purple ...
So, with those with white skin and a round face you totally comfortable in choosing colors for the hair because it's not fussy about colour.

2/ Yellow skin, then a bit more pods
Most Asians have average skin (yellow skin) and skin color is a bit more fussy about this. For those you have skin slightly red brown color selection then re, Brown will help to reduce the face pale, rosy hues are more cheery.
You have your skin a little darker than the basic colors such as dark brown, chocolate brown will be the basic choices, safe but still beautiful.
3/ Dark skin, you should choose the dark honey cake
People with dark skin often have little choice but not that you can not own a hair dye cause others to admire.
Hair color dyed your brown skin with colored dark brown tones include cafe, dark brown, dark brown, reddish-brown-dark bronze light or dark red, purple-red. .. The color this contributes is light skin.
Hair dye according to skin tone
Light tones, neutral tone and darker tones. In other words, the bright colors in the skin in cold tones, the rest is in the hot tones.
Before selecting a color dye hair beautiful combination, you need to clearly define the color of his skin in the tribe. There are two hot tones and skin tones of cold tones. To know their skin type, you do a little experiment and following simple.
You stood under the Sun and the mu key hand or wrist out to look for the vein under the skin. The way we found the blue veins then you skin in cold tones if the Green is in the hot tones.
People with warm skin color, Brown or yellow skin color news, (skin colour typical of Asian and Latin America) with dark hair colors such as Fawn, Brown, chocolate, caramel color, red, mahogany-colored, orange-red, the color of honey, etc.
People have cold skin tones (of the West) spoiled choose hair color, from pale Platinum, ash silver, cream, pale yellow sand to the bold tones of coffee Brown, yellow, light brown, red wine, red and black-booc legends.
Besides that you can also see how divided into color tones: light tones in three neutral tones, and dark tones. In other words, the bright colors in the skin in cold tones, the rest is in the hot tones.

Select hair color dyed according to Bollywood girl
Not belonging to the type on the face, the skin color but also personality contributed if you want to refresh yourself with the new hair color. People have different personalities like with different colors, so you should base on his personality to hair color selection for the match, friend.
Harmonious personality: suitable for bright colors, color or color of Red stone, but when conducting nhuộn you should also pay attention to the lightness for the match.
Affective personality, inner life: in line with the soothing colors such as yellow, bold coffee such as sandalwood, purple or red. These colors will create a bright and "warm" mode on my face.

What a naughty girl, Galaxia should choose for themselves the young colors, mischievous and full of vitality as: red, yellow, Brown or more prominent with the hair line highlight.

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