How to makeup for round face girl

You had her plump round face, you want to find a way to make his face become more compact. After this, please guide how simple makeup for round face girl.

Choose dark colored background cream
How do I select a background for a girl with a round face? The background color selection is darker. Absolutely do not use too bright foundation, as this will expose the round face and nothing else than the "moving wheel".
Choose a dark background cream. Cream with dark background color that you hit the jaw bone, the two sides must match each other. With this page, your face will look "relative".
Cream background for the letter T
Like to highlight the use of face-cream color background with the frontal area, eyes, nose, Chin. By make-up emphasis on the center of the face will make you more radiant.
The two sides apply background color dark, colored side creativity Center illusion "extends" face.
Use chalk overlay
After hitting ice cream platform is complete, then the use of chalk coated with dust over the entire face. The types of pollen are the iridescent beads will bring better efficiency. In this way, you will face is radiant and more compact.
Say no to pink cheeks round
Pink does not cover your round face. If you still want two rosy cheeks in the foreseeable future, you should flip the oval from the cheeks to the back of your eye. This procedure helps you to significantly reduce face size.
Highlights are one of the ways to help round faces become more prominent if you brush the right way. The round face will be bright with 2 is the ideal choice for you.
Using bright colors for the area including forehead, nose, and dark for the face will make you look thinner.
Light brown eyebrows, hat-shaped
Pale brown eyebrows has the climax as the picture hat with matching dark eyes would help the eyes more depth, more compact face. Don't get wide curved shape eyebrows because they make your face more plump section.
Lip color
To own a "gentle", you are not allowed to forget the press gave me on the lips. Bright colors, such as orange-pink, pink Lotus petals the same bit of lipgloss is great choice to you achieve the "purpose" of his.
Natural eye, drawing the eye hit the tail of the cat
Cat's eye is one of how eye makeup attracts many for the past few years. Note, the warm colors such as Brown, Orange, Pink is the suitable choice for the eyes of her rounded face by them makes you look more natural.
Eye makeup use pencil eyeliner guys a long border from the corner of his eyes, eyes a tail of about 45 degrees as when you draw the eyes of the cat's tail. This makeup style helps the eyes look bigger, longer, causing more balanced face, neat.
Select a suitable hair style with round face will make you feel more elegant, lighter, more compact. The hair is too long or too short are not consistent with someone who has a round face. You can refer to the type of hair cut short bob hair, messy class personality, long hair curly hair or natural wave pressed straight silky.
On this the way makeup for round face girl help you compact and beautiful face. Please remove the bag right scroll this simple beauty.
Reference: hairstyles for round face girl
1. Bob hair perm

With the horizontal length of the cheeks, curly perm hair hair style, bob Thinketh Bong perm very consistent with her having to round face, drooping hair section by going to disguise was "chubby cheek", to help balance the face, more compact.
Bring back looks youthful, feminine, sweet style make the turn, this hair style certainly won't disappoint you.
2. Shoulder length hair swept bending the legs, bulging
This can be considered a safe choice round face girl, by this is masking hair style is perfect defect. Shoulder length hair giving gentle, feminine, that little bit of bending tradition in the tail the hair is more charismatic, more trance.
Will also help bulge when she conceals significant defects. Thanks to the long hair and swollen eyes, a cheeky cheeks of her cheeks will hide haphazardly, creating a dramatic "hallucination" of the surface.
3. Hair bob roof deflection
The bob hair deflection throne is short hair style with long enough to turn. The bob hair deflection throne side, face shape round tolerates or skinny slender hand can select this hair style.
The bob hair bring seem uncool, but glamorous, especially attracting looks from the boys.
This hairstyle is not only consistent with the workplace but also help women she "shines" in the party, luxurious event, sharp quality gas.
4. Hair lob rain roof
Roof rain "is the safe choice for but she has a round face. Section disguise face effects has oversized sections of you, help them escape than the bar.
The rain miracle power roof over everything expensive cosmetics are available on the market, it made the Little Mermaid toddler out tens years. If not, take out the right Barber and watch the reaction of friends soon after.

Roof rain bring hair looks youthful, energetic personality but no less charming, cute.

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