How to mix clothes for summer active

Hot summer is the time you should enlist prepare yourself the extreme summer outfit to be thoài lưỡng and dynamic. Let's refer women for personality combination this summer!
How to choose for you ladies dresses full dynamic personality to relax is active note. To get the fashion choice, we have devised the ways women personality for summer more dynamism to your reference. , together!
Mixed map summer women by the same shorts shirts
Hot summer should not be lacking a go along with the first shorts shirts in the lockers of the girls are. Especially in the summer, you have to produce a lot of sweat, so this combination is considered quite perfect for your reference. Summer is also the season that makes us as are applied in a manner thoroughly about shorts to bring to her the set map and most beautiful. Mix map this summer with the most of all the people, fit each age simple song is extremely high and many applications.
With the short help you wear year round, you will never have to worry, combined with wide shirts-is a type of jacket is much preferred by women computer cool, relaxed and dynamic.
Tasteful women this simple personality will bring the girlfriend character and extremely dynamic. You can also prepare yourself for a more athletic shoes sneaker shoes, such as bread or a pair of high heels are also suitable for this mix.

The short Skirt and the jacket pull oversize
-This is the best map of personality are young women selected for the summer, creating dynamic and youthful. Mix map this summer for women never failed fad by peculiarity of Austria pull and leg skirts are easy to wear and this combination is simple but extremely consistent with the weather and age
-You just prepare yourself from 2 to 3 pull the same oversize shirts 2 short dress is can mix 2 this item together. Note, you need to choose the right colors for harmonious, easy look without being for each other is okay. Today, on the usually has many types of skirts to the sisters can choose fish tail skirt as legs, foot to foot-sweep skirt skirts hugging pencil can interface with all T-shirts! The more simple colors, you will easily merge together than
Shorts or short skirts with matching jacket features three holes
-No need to think much anymore, one of the best women's personality type mix shorts along with Austria three hole will create a youthful and east of you ladies. Especially the three holes will be the point of making you become much more personality in this clothing distribution type. When you mix this type of shirt with shorts will be incredibly energetic, personality, suitable for those she has the physique sport. In contrast, if you merge the kind Austria three holes with short skirts will help her become elegant, lovely and sweet.
-With this distribution type, you can come for themselves a clock or the attached accessories such as earrings, necklaces, ... A pair of sports shoes is also a choice.
Crop top + pants/skirts high scraper
Every summer, she would also shop for yourself a few crop top shirt to wear. Crop top jacket though appeared from long song it still never fad errors especially in these hot summer days.
Mixed crop top jacket thing with beautiful without revealing that it is the same dress or trousers for the scorpions. Also by ability to Breeze eo thon, create cool feeling of this shirt which hardly item can match more is high or the Scorpions Scorpions skirts pants high. This summer fashion duo helps the entire abdominal region are breeze girlfriend on sculpting and creating the impression the feminine, sexy enough, not showy, offensive.

Crop top jacket and pants is always high Scorpions duo know grab the female heart, this combo delivers stylish appearance, for her eyes sucking teen girl
Croptop shirt combo-pants/skirts the scorpions high fit her slender physique, has balance. So if you girls have slightly chubby or plump should consider before an combo this summer fashion!
If you own physique is not compact, slender to be should weigh before an Austria crop top, because it will make you fat bellies exposed.
High back pants + sport shoes
Fashion is no binding, if but before the sport shoes only fit the skinny jeans, legging, now here they are combined extreme "nature" with the capri pants that make up the summer fashion combo girl "Spellbound".
The capri pants with wide tube a bit, like jeans, jeans baggy appearance such tubes, trousers and culottes especially when combined with other types of athletic shoes, slip on sneaker like bring dynamic, youthful appearance for the wearer. You can consult the right way mix jeans with shoe slip on beautiful pole
The duo combo capri trousers fashion + shoes sport specification also not too fussy about people, even her Bros can still an combo this summer fashion as long as your just an ensemble that has a slightly higher as the Scorpions.
Short skirt + sport shoes
This is not a new combination but still very young, especially when summer arrives. While short skirts bring to the impression of the feminine, the sports shoe back on the dynamic, energetic, so that khikết together, this duo will give you the appearance of "2 in 1" just gentle, feminine but still the absolute personality.
Fashionable short skirt combo + sport shoes is also the ideal choice for her like an short skirts but don't want to look too short lived women Shu tone.
The strong increase sneaker hill character for feminine skirts

If you are a lady short legs, be an knee high skirt a little bit, going more athletic shoes has featured enough for you then

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