The girls fat: should and should not wear

Should and should not wear anything for those she is overweight? Fashion expert will answer your questions.
1. For underwear
-Underwear size medium fits the body.
-Bra should choose the good breast enhancement (if anyone has saggy breasts), moderate chest cushions (if oversized big breasts)
-Select the appropriate style pants, underwear men's designs or designs quality soft stretchy pants high fat man suit scraper by it will create tight belly, hip joint degrees do not leave markings such as the shape of baby pants.
Instant lingerie-wearing, chun fat overpaid bunch help on the body, creating a more compact body.
Should not:
-Wear underwear too tight, tight it will create an by ingrained on the body when wearing dresses will be easily noticed part of meat scraps
-Pants too small will not support for reducing belly fat and hip
2. For costumes
Should wear:
-True to size
-Wear such shirt designs, fits with the body
-Thick, heavy fabric such as cotton Substance, T- shirt  have deep contours partly concealed on the body
-Need to have black in your wardrobe. Black has a slimming effect and especially suitable for pants, skirts, dresses, but don't abuse it. Too much black can easily create the tedious for the eyes, so you should coordinate with the other colors.
-Fat sister, Though can still choose to wear denim jeans, but choose dark colors (black, Brown, dark plum, chocolate color, Navy Blue ...) and less detail.

-Should find the bold colors and patterns can distract eyes and camouflage for your body, causing observers to Italy to clothes instead of looking at your body size.
-Try a monochromatic color scheme, usually the eyes see often in the direction from the top down rather than from side to side. As a result, eye to eye height than width, body slimmer and higher.
-V neck Dress-will help smaller body parts
-Choose the straight line, the straight li folds. Vertical stripe detail makes the eyes look from top to help create the illusion of eyes and body look slimmer.
-Balance your legs with loe.
-Should wear skirts, letter A, by this design was part of the belly and hip bouquet to the thigh, the knee creating a balanced view can be reduced in the amount of the hip joint. Long skirts to the knee or mid calf was the most beautiful and elegant dress depends on your height.
Should not wear
-Too tight clothes will denounce the excess weight of the body part you have
-Too large clothes will do for the body looks more heavily than your actual weight
-Avoid wearing clothes shaped, hard fabric quality (specialize in fabrics to sew jackets) it will make the rigid body don't seem soft
-Don't wear skirts too close into the body bouquet it will denounce "apples" and excess meat class body, belly, shoulder, your armpit.
-Avoid wearing horizontal neck, like the boat as they can make your chest and shoulders look broader.
-Skinny jeans and other pants just like with a tapering legs the attention from the hips to the thighs, so fat people should not wear this pants designs.
-Don't wear tank top shirt designs, part of the channel openings will reveal part of excessive fat
3. For accessories
Should bring:

-High heels improve your height, stretched the more slender physique
-Draw shadows and lipstick with soothing colors to keep the eyes of the opposite of focusing on the face than look at other parts of the body.
-Your hair styles need to be there, is it possible to do a longer neck, face smaller by bob hair cut, forcing cao
-Jewelry should select chains, slender and long earrings make eyes look vertically oriented gúp the neck and the face is longer than
-Try a belts, although it creates a horizontal line on your body. However it can be subdivided into the upper part of the fuselage and under the fuselage to balance the effect.
Should not:
Do not choose too high a piece and high heels

This is a way to choose shoes for fat people applied. The height of the heels will help her fat "cheat" his height up a few cm. However, you should not overdo it. The selection of the heels are too high will make people go hard to move, not to mention the go we greatly affect health, spine and legs.

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