Top 4 how to reduce belly fat fast, effective after only 1 week

Busy work, lazy athlete, ... is one of the reasons you own waists of bread. You always interested where is the way to reduce belly fat effectively? Let's discover 4 ways reduce belly fat quickly for through tips from the experts to get the best choice.
How to reduce belly fat with natural materials but still needs based on the chemicals contained in the texture of it. Therefore, when not in use at the right time, in the right proportions, the efficacy will not cao or not effective.
Here we introduce the way to reduce belly fat quickly adjusted the standard rate for people wanting to lose belly fat quickly.
1. How to reduce belly fat simply thanks to heated body
There are many natural ways to lose belly fat but just simple safe again, the only way to reduce fat by hot water.
You can follow 2 ways:
Way 1: direct Bath with hot water
How to lose belly fat fast
A warm bath in the evening to have a deep sleep and reduce belly fat safely
Use shower water discharging directly to the abdomen, and light massage with your hand from the inside out.
Time conducted: 10 minutes
Water temperature was 44 degrees Celsius (112 degrees Fahrenheit with sugar) is the most appropriate temperature has been confirmed by scientists.
Method 2: Apply hot water around the abdomen and waist
You use hot packs (can be purchased at pharmacies or shops selling medical equipment). For water from 40-50 degrees Celsius into the bag, cover, apply around the abdomen and waist, 1-2 minutes it will change position 1 times to avoid getting burns.
Time: 20-minute proceeding, perform daily.
→ How do:
Use of salt the seeds to roast the seeds, salt, hunting for the ginger has sliced into the liquid (about 10 slices, each slice thickness from 1-2 mm), and then turn off the stove.
Let cool down to around 50 salt degrees C then 1 clean cloth, roll are on the belly fat until salt is settled.
→ Note:
Should make reducing belly fat with salt every day, especially before going to bed to increase effective fat reduction and stimulates sleep.
2. How to melt belly fat fast with the daily dish
Hot, cold or hot water bath is reducing belly fat using heat impact from outside the body. How to melt belly fat with food.
Ask the dishes chosen to lose weight need to provide enough energy for the functioning of the body but does not cause excessive fat accumulation.
-How to reduce belly fat thanks to waky

How to reduce belly fat
Do not abuse the way to lose weight by squash because that can affect the digestive system
→ How do:
Squash bowels and then, remove the Peel carrying chopped into smaller pieces used to cook the broth or boiled, steamed to eat each day. You can eat from 2-3 times/day capacity options.
→ Note:
One of the features you need to note when doing weight loss recipes with melon is melon juice drink should not live by waky life has very high SOAP will destroy your digestive system.
-How to reduce belly fat thanks to oats
Oats are a popular cereals in the world with the highest range should substances can t wear and excessive fat. But large calorie should still ensure the body of nutrients with a menu from the oats.
→ How to make
Breakfast: Eating porridge oats (you just take 3 spoons of oatmeal to cook porridge) drink mix 1 cup fruit juice.
Extra breakfast: 1 small fruit salad forks and 1 cup of tea
Lunch: continue to eat porridge with matching breakfast eat salad.
Dinner: eat porridge oats with the amount as lunch and 1 disc green vegetables, 1 Apple.
→ Note:
Belly fat loss menu by porridge on is quite effective and you can apply rotation to not feel bored.
3. Choose proper Detox drinks-How effective belly fat loss
1 slimming process indispensable data go to the drink and this is also one way of purifying the body following the effective flanking get ga for a population drop of public office.
Ginger tea:
How to reduce belly fat efficiently thanks to ginger tea
Warmth of ginger tea to help lose weight and increase your resistance, static style of South Korea
-Very simple, use 2 slices fresh ginger thins from 1-2 mm, intact shells were washed, drained naturally into 100 ml of hot water. To about 20 p for the essence in ginger have with water, drink it before meals in 20 minutes to reduce cravings and lasts no time of the day.
Honey: water
-With reducing belly fat with honey, you use 2-3 spoons honey cafe with 100 ml lukewarm water (not more than 40° C), drink after sleep wake up for about 15 minutes and before the meal for about 20 minutes.
Can draw more 1-2 drops of lemon juice to increase efficiency and purifies the body.
Apple Cider vinegar:

-Many questions can substitute apple cider vinegar using other Vinegars. The advice given is not. Because in the Apple Cider vinegar is completely fermented and extraction from nature should be able to lose weight without harm to health.
With 100 ml of warm water, for 1-2 tbsp of Apple Cider vinegar into the peace together, can add 1-2 spoons honey cafe to easy to drink more. Should drink after sleep wake up and before dinner.
Grapefruit juice:
-Delicious-additional-cheap is the word used for weight loss. You just need to separate the cloves, grapefruit, for on the presses retrieved about 200 ml of grapefruit juice, drink before you go to bed 30 minutes then the compact body will quickly become of you.

The above is the way of blending simple belly fat loss Detox that effective, the rate of the material can be changed depending on the weight of each person.

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