Top 5 ways to lose weight fast after birth not harm the mother and baby

After you fall into a State of excessive fat accumulation especially in the abdomen. Are you struggling with postpartum weight loss method, but not efficient but also no small influence to the baby.
So why don't you try applying the methods reduce postpartum belly fat below? You will be surprise with the results obtained after 1 week!
During pregnancy and after birth you must load the body into a large paper mulberry to get enough dietary chemicals to feed the baby and this is the cause for excess accumulation of squabbling. I will share to you the ways to lose weight after the birth of efficiency.
1/ How to lose weight after the birth at home by the natural way
-How to lose weight after the birth of the fastest with salt roast
Salt roasted hot properties, use the reject eliminate toxins and excess water in the body, boost your metabolism, prevents fat accumulation process so away excess fat is seen as the method of weight loss after birth is very efficient.

+Hot granular salt Roasted then wait cool less then wrapped into a thin cloth.
+Apply salt bags onto the areas with excessive fat accumulation and done massage gently around the region that ball like to remove fat by following clockwise and vertically from bottom to top.
Note: Should applied reducing postpartum belly fat this 3 times/week, before going to sleep 1 hour to bring effective fat reduction.
-Postpartum belly fat loss tips by simple coconut oil at home
In coconut oil have many many compounds increases the metabolic process, burn excess fat inside the body can help you lose weight after birth is very efficient.
What makes coconut oil became the God of medicine lose weight is when loaded coconut oil on the body coconut oil will drain the excess fat section under thanks to the chain Triglyceride.
How to lose weight after birth by coconut oil as follows:
+ You can use coconut oil to replace animal fats or oils cause the stir fried deep fried item every day helps fat processing class load to the body.
+ You can use coconut oil to massage the abdomen and the excessive fat on the body will help to reduce postpartum belly fat very efficiently. Coconut oil helps in burning excess fats and converting them over sugar excretion, sweat while helping your skin more beautiful and smooth over.
-Reduce postpartum belly fat secrets by Ginger at home

Ginger honey water before use will help you limit the load much of the energy in the meal. This is a drink that contains no fat, potentially helping to lose weight after the birth, the skin effect.
Postpartum belly fat reduction
Recipes reduce postpartum belly fat efficiently by Ginger at home
+ You mix 1 tablespoon honey cafe with 250 ml hot water then drop into that 1 piece of ginger sliced ginger slices or stamping batter thinly
+ Ginger drink before meals for about 30 minutes to effectively reduce fat best
2/ Share the secret weight loss after birth by the exercise
In addition to the methods of changing your diet, you can also reduce postpartum belly fat effectively with simple exercise right at home. These exercises you should perform in the morning to get the highest efficiency.
-Reduce postpartum belly fat by using deep breathing exercises
The abdominal breath taken steadily each day is also effective for weight loss after birth sister. According to experts, the deep breathing exercises not only have the effect of weight loss but also very good for health and special breathing pacemaker with women after birth. So, all sisters can apply this action does sisters after birth.
How to perform the exercises:
+ The supine on a bed or on the floor and put the book up on the stomach.
+ Loose abdominal muscles, inhale deeply and exhale gently. Make repetitive movements are 15-20 times.
-How to lose weight after birth by first lifting exercise
The exercises combine top-lifting folded knees when regular exercise will help the region more toned belly, fat removed. Here are the exercises reduce postpartum belly fat are common sisters choose done right at home.
How to perform the exercises:
+ You supine on the carpet, hands to comfortably along a body then slowly folds back thigh high knee lift combinations so that the soles of the feet touching the floor.
+ Then you breathe in deeply and breathe out gently at the same time lifting the head up and back to the original position. Perform tasks 10-15 times.

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