Common mistakes in acne treatment

Acne, pimples, blackheads, ... is the acne condition do not expect common in any object and any age would do related to eating habits, due to weather, so a break mode, due to an allergy or due to other external causes should. This is the problem of littering that anyone interested and want to remove them quickly and efficiently, but it seems not everyone has enough knowledge to know how to avoid and treat off the point, even suffered extremely serious mistakes products so on a acne more, causing loss of confidence in all circumstances.
1. Use the cleanser does not match your skin
Many people think that acne grows on the skin is due to not being clean, so will find these types of cleansers have a strong recipe, and use all the tools such as the rough take fiber cleanser, washing machine , or rub too strong on the surface. This will cause da more you hurt that acne tends will grow even more. You will be skin irritation, the old acne blemishes can be pus flowing, traumatized skin hard.
So, when the skin has acne, please stay away from these types of cleansers many alkaline and example exfoliation. Of course, you should still use the Exfoliating blends gentle, kind of grainy Super fine, just use a 2-3 week. If you prefer not to use your hands to wash your face, you can use a soft sponge or soft gloves to wash your face.
2. Only the dot up acne cream acne stains
Creams and treatments not only support the healing of acne, which also helps prevent new acne. So, unless your doctor specified is used only to apply to acne, also with the kind of acne cream treatment in General, please apply a thin layer over the entire region of the skin that you often get pimples.
3. squeeze acne

The squeeze acne can cause bleeding, inflammation of the skin even leave the bruises in the last few weeks, even more serious is the pitting scars. Don't be too stressed when acne, body will do everything to fight the infection, making it quick to disappear even without the use of any type of medication. An advice for you is that, when there are whiteheads, wash your face and hands, then squeeze lightly to remove acne, then human topical anti acne spot gets Acne to avoid infection. If not the whiteheads should not touch, the body will have the appropriate treatments. In addition, with each skin type, need different advice from these experienced dermatologists to maintain a healthy and smooth skin.
4. Misuse of milk cleanser
Many people with oily skin often for that, wash your face frequently and use oil blotting paper can limit the amount of oil on the surface. That's true, but not oily and acne skin measures properly. The too abusive types of cleansers that will cause the skin to lose the external protection layer and weak. Also, wash your face and constant oil seepage will stimulate the pores, causing more oil out as much, enlarged pores causes rough skin, easy to catch dust, prone to breakouts.
5. Do not use sunscreen
The downside of these people own acne skin is prone to clogged pores and hard to find kind of sunscreen accordingly. By this, many have ignored the use of sunscreen to the skin before sun exposure contain UV damage leads to premature aging. The good news is that the Sun products have had the boom, with the popularity of ingredients such as zinc oxide (natural minerals help anti-inflammatory, reduce skin irritation), one can easily find lotions are lightweight and non-greasy. If no product would suit your skin, don't forget still very much moisturizer containing sunblock ingredients.
6. Misuse of the make-up concealer
Skin is acne or scarring can make up to cover the defect, help the sisters to go to school, go to work always. With the stick and the pollen proper background color, outsiders can hardly realize the true condition of the skin below the chalk layers of makeup. However, this temporary method of abuse, acne scarring, can not can not from that reverse the pores get clogged, inflamed Sebaceous substance due to not being wiped out. From there, increasing pore enlarges, making acne continues to grow. Not to mention your use of cosmetics containing ingredients of skin irritation, and layers of makeup are not cleaned by the water make-up match will cause inflammation causing more severe acne condition.

7. Lazy to change pillowcases
Pillowcases are home to bacteria, they will accumulate and grow while your skin is in contact with the surface of the pillow. It is easy to increase the risk of pimples. Thus, do not float as the dry and replace the pillow for at least 1 week/time, using mini vacuum cleaners to clean your pillow should even use washing powder safe and dry them in the Sun. Thus, the new restrictions are you skin the appearance of acne and the replacement of pillowcases also helps you to check was the cause being his acne.
8. Do not moisturize the skin
When acne skin for moisturizing the skin is extremely important. Help for healthy skin to resist the infiltration of bacteria that cause acne.At the same time limiting the oil secretion causes clogged pores.
So to better care for acne skin, you need to note some of the following issues:
Habit of touching the face, moulding, smoking, or get acne because that will cause redness and create scarring the skin.
Sealing factors limiting rules such as hair cosmetic use waterline, to hair covering the face, sweat more
Choose the cleaning products, skin match: calming skin cleansing products, does not contain a strong detergent particles; the products have the note "non-acnegenic" or "non-conmedogenic".

So wash your face 2-3 times per day. Just wash with clean water when dry skin, redness, itching due to the effects of the drug are treated. Can be used to add the proper cleansing product once in the evening when the oily skin. When washing cotton towels or should not rub because dolohov would do that just to wash gently by hand, then dry clean towel water seepage.

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