Exercises that reduce biceps can be used daily

The biceps is the section where a very easy area of excessive fat but also difficult to train for. The majority of compact hand exercises using weights or against the methods push, making hands go compact but well known muscle. If you are looking for a gentle exercises, do not require complex tools, reduce fat arm region that remains the biceps skinnier then try to apply the following exercises.
1. Hands on Flex floor exercises
This exercise helps to burn fat from muscle region in the following hand area, the region of the lower arm. This is where fat accumulate easily. This exercise not only melt the excessive fat in the body after firming but also get you hands in the Compact. This is truly a thon hand exercises are extremely effective.
For this action, you do not need to use any tools. You can make directly on the floor or carpet.
How to file:
Sitting on the floor the legs close together. Two hands on the floor, wide shoulders, hip after about 30 cm. The fingers towards the hips. The Hippo hands down. Two bent knees and keep the two straight foot on the floor. Stretch two arms and lift the hips up. This will put the weight of the two arms. Left right hand, elbows bent to stretch, to lower his hips to the floor. Ensure the hips do not touch the floor. Repeat for the right hand rest.
2. Flex the hand muscles after exercise
This exercise helps you have the right two arms extremely compact fascinated by acting on the following hand muscles. You can perform this exercise at home with high chairs about 60 cm or 1 small table. The entire weight of the body will hold up the rear arm to do the muscle tension.
How to file:
Put 1 Chair or desk fixed. Standing in front of about 90 cm. Rotate back and put both hands on the edge of a Chair or desk. Two hands wide shoulders. Step 3-4 step forward. Stretch your body on, lower body down, so that the two pillows with the height of the Chair or desk. Two bent elbows and lower the body down as close to the floor as possible. Return to original position. Make 3 boards, 20 repetitions each day will help you reduce fat hand effectively.

3. Anti push
Exercises of basic exercises is push against the impact on a lot of muscle groups such as the arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen helps reduce fat and firming the body links.
Start with the position both hands against wider than the shoulders, two foot wide hips and keep always straight (to avoid sagging back or buttocks down to the influence of the spine).
From from hand to elbow 2 folding direction at an angle of 45 degrees, lower down until the ground parallel. For those who start exercise, your hands are not yet strong enough, can be folded in half way but note keep the right posture.
Use the resources at hand to fight against the return to the original position. Perform 10-12 movements. Holiday 30-45 seconds then repeat 3 times.
4. Lifting weights
For this exercise, you use free weights 2-3 kg depending on ability. The lobbying muscle of hand movements and shoulder muscles to reduce fat biceps.
Start with 2 foot posture with hips,  slightly folded, about 30 people. Two hand straightening Weightlifters contingency. Dang hands off 2 party and raise to shoulder height. From from the lower hand on its original location. Perform 10-12 movements. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
5. Hands folded
In this exercise, you need 2  lifting weights  2-3 kg and a carpet to lie. Direct acting assignments to the following hands, help reduce fat biceps after effectively.
Start with the supine, 2 legs, 2 handles give the straight perpendicular with the jam.
From folding the arms from the start and stop at 2, side note always keep the arm parallel throughout the implementation process, do not open the elbows out. Use hand weights to muscle back to its original position.
Perform 10-12 movements. Rest 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.
6. Putting exercises
Inhale the earth movements
Focus on muscle and pectoral muscle in the arm, putting exercises help you firming on the arm by burning the excess fat. Plus, you don't need any tools when performing this action. Body weight is close to melt stubborn fat accumulation in the arm.
Lying face down on the floor. The legs close together, make putting posture. Two hands wider than shoulder. Straighten elbows. Bend elbows and lower down. Remember not to touch the floor belly. Make 3 boards, 10 repetitions each day will quickly give you a beautiful slender toned hands. You can inhale the open land movements made by keeping your hands wider than shoulder and inhaled ground close by pulling the two together.
Note: If you feel difficult set of this exercise, try putting the knee. Instead you cornered up two legs and hands, you can be replaced with two knees and hands. And the best, you should read carefully the post instruction how putting a post for you.
7. Putting exercises Aerolean
Land land Aerolean inhalation inhalation action
This action focuses on the following hand muscles; so, it will help you know how effective hand fat reduction.
Located down on the carpet. Closed legs on, create the putting. Two hands wider than shoulder. The fingertip towards the two sides. The left elbows bent and lean to the left. Return to the original position and repeat for the right side.Perform this exercise as much as you would reduce the effective arm fat.
Note: If the new set and found it too difficult, beginning with two pillows on the floor. Don't forget to add the list following arm muscle exercises with weights at the gym.
8. Rotate the wrist exercises
This is one of those exercises that reduce arm fat that simply most effective if done regularly. Required training tools is two half-liter bottles of water.
Stand straight and hold each hand 1 pint water bottle. Rotate the two Palms as clockwise and then vice versa. Perform this action in 60 seconds for each rotation.

9. Fine half moon pose (Parivrtta Ardha Candrāsana)
This advanced action help you enhance effective fat reduction and tensions relax the muscles, particularly abdominal muscle firming.
-You start by standing up straight. Then, rotate the left and step the left foot.
-Hand shoulder high, spread out on either side. Two foot spread level. Rotate 90 degrees to the right leg, slightly rotate the left foot lightly.
-Lean to the right, pushing the hips forward, raise your left foot up the side, man-down horizontal touch the floor.
-Take left hand straight up, straighten the foot. Turn your head gently, look under the left fingers.
-Hold the pose for 30 seconds then change sides.
10. Tilt the bowed (Sanskrit)
This exercise also reduce fat biceps also enhance jewelry for your arms.
-Prepare you in upright posture, then extending two feet over a shoulder.
-Next, you folded forward, the left hand against the ground poles, high jam right hand, eyes looked upon their hands, knees kept straight.
-Then, you change sides and repeat the action.
11. Lift a leg and arm exercises
Raise a hand and leg movements
This is a great exercise to help firming the arms and legs. It helps to stretch his back.
Four-legged posture created by hand and knees. Two pillow under the hips, perpendicular to the body, two hands below the shoulders. Raise your right hand and stretch out before, towards the top of your finger forward. Simultaneously lift and stretch your left leg towards the back. Hold for a few seconds then back to original position. Repeat for the left hand and leg phảiThực from 15-20 times.
Tips to prevent arm fat

Prevention is always better than cure. If you can prevent fat from the arms, then everything will be all the more easier.
Healthy diet: the first and most important Thing to prevent the backstroke arm fat is focused on healthy diet instead of the unscientific diet causes accumulation of fat on the body. This is also one of the causes that create hand fat. Please complement many fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. It will always make you feel full but also absorbs less calories for the body. Eat more fiber rich foods to increase metabolism to help burn calories and fat arms.
Eat many small meals: Eat many small meals will help you feel full and eat less food than. Breakfast: don't skip breakfast because it's the first meal of the day. If removing packed, you will not be able to have more energy throughout the day. Drink plenty of water: drink plenty of water to enhance the metabolic process. In addition, drinking water before each meal helps you eat less and eat less will absorb fewer calories.
Green tea: start the day by drinking a cup of green tea. It helps produce energy to burn calories. Let's drink the 3-4 cup of green tea each day will burn excess fat accumulation by increasing the metabolic rate.
Set of cardiovascular exercises daily cardio: this exercise helps burn calories you absorb from food. Swimming, climbing, jumping rope, ... get you hands in the Compact.

Use the stairs instead of the elevator: always take stairs instead of taking the elevator to burn high.

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