How to reduce 3-5cm belly fat for 2 weeks

Nowadays, many people choose for themselves how to lose weight from the weight loss foods efficiently. However, for those who do not fit the use of food aid, the natural weight loss methods from these exercises is perfect for. Exercise is not only a method of abdominal fat loss, muscle limbs effect that it also helps you to lose fat from thighs and hips quickly and safely.
In addition to the regular training exercises, you also need to have healthy nutrition, sure enough nourishment to the body at the same time supports the reduce thigh fat more quickly.
Please refer to the exercises reduce fat thighs and calves soon for here.
Exercise 1: running every day
Perhaps jogging exercise is one way to lose weight fast and most effective for everyone. If no conditions on economic and time to go to the gym but still want to lose weight, then jogging is a sport help great fat loss.
Just 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning to make the post launch and run a few laps around the park or his home living also help you significantly large amounts of consumption of calories. Running with a moderate speed combined with gentle breathing will help you keep your strength during weight loss, burn fat more efficiently.
Tips for slimming thighs fast: you drink a glass of lemon juice or diluted water filter after the exercise is completed, this will help you eliminate excess fat more quickly, including the layers of fat on the thighs calves also are slimming and firming.

Exercise 2:
This is one of those simple leg fat reduction exercises for but very good for the blood circulation and reduce leg fat efficiency significantly. You can make in the morning after getting up or evening and do not need large workout space area.
+ Step 1: stand straight, shoulders wide legs
+ Step 2: lean body forward so that both hands touching the tip of the feet, the legs always straight
+ Step 3: step right foot and knee khụy. Draw the legs and do the same with the left leg
+ Step 4: perform repeated movements each side five times.
Exercise 3:
This exercise helps you lose fat efficiently for both femoral region, the region, and the region of the channel. Training exercises from 10-15 minutes every day to achieve the fastest leg fat loss results.
+ Step 1: The supine on the floor of the back straight, hands to stretch under the body.
+ Step 2: two legs shrink stars for perpendicular to the floor at the same time lift the buttocks up as high as possible
+ Step 3: lower your butt down, legs to stretch about the location of preparation
+ Step 4: repeat the movements from 10-15 times.
Preparatory posture, legs shoulder width, bowed down under. While, the foot remains straight, put your hand down until touching floor.
Continue, keep the posture of the hands, put the right foot to the left, and the left knee khuỵu. And then draw the left leg is about, changing feet and do the same. make time for each side, each side 4. Practice this daily movements to quickly achieve results.
Exercise 4:
Preparatory posture, prone to the floor, straighten legs, elbow joint fight down to the floor. Slowly bring up the buttocks, legs straight and hold your hands remains the same. Next, hold the left leg, while the right knee khuỵu. At the same time, lean and lift the hips up higher section. Hold 2 seconds and then slowly lower your hips down.
Change the foot and do the same. Make 4 times for this action, every 4 beats.
Perform regular exercise reduce fat thighs will help you quickly owned compact and toned legs.
Exercise 5:
Prepare, supine, back straight, hands to stretch to the side. The palms face downward to the floor, the legs khuỵu knees form a 90 degree angle and the soles of the feet touching the floor.
Keep hands and feet, and then use the butt section lift off the floor. Next, lower the butt down and put the legs straighten up high, pushing forward and lift the buttocks up.
Return to original position, repeat the action 4 times. This movement is not just fitness article reduce fat thighs but also help you fight redundant fat part of flying a round 2.
Article 6:
Sit straight back, the legs khuỵu knees and soles of the feet from the floor about 50 cm, two-hand jam up high.
Then, stretch the legs through the left side, not touching the ground. Whole body sideways to the right, and put his hands to the right and touch the hands down to the floor. Return to original position, change sides and repeat the same. Perform this action 4 times and each side 4. This movement also considered how to reduce fat in the thighs of extremely effective
Exercise 7: hip lift
With this exercise, you just prepare a mattress or you can lie between the floor also.
Lifting hip movements
Preparation of supine posture on the floor with the knees folded. Lift hips up high until the body forms a straight line from the shoulders to the knees.
Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly lower the hip joint down the back to its original location.
Note When performing the exercises reduce fat thighs calves quickly
Every day you exercise at least 30 minutes (with normal people) to get the body toned. Also for those who are too fat should extend up about 40 minutes to beat excess calories faster.
Change of habit is a way of reducing the effective leg fat
Nutrition and living each day is one of the causes of excess fat in the waist and legs. So, if you change your living habits can also reduce fat from the legs, keeping the Nice physique.

On the advice of experts in nutrition, when using some types of food and drink good for weight loss, the process also works very good for reducing foot fat such as:
Drink green tea every day: green tea is always the "enemies" of excessive fat in the body. You should use from 3-4 cups of green tea each day to ensure the necessary quality, reduce fat legs effectively and limit the risk of cancer.
Eat more food "against fat": You do the diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce fat fast legs. According to research, apples and green radish is 2 food likely firming body, effective fat reduction if used regularly in the diet.
Enhance the beverage more vitamin C: according to the latest studies, the level of calcium in fat cells will help the process of fat metabolism better from that reduce fat faster. So, the drinks from lemons, oranges contain more vitamin C helps make calcium exchanger high efficiency.
Should eat more packed during the day: instead of eating 3 meals/day you should add extra breakfast 2-3 to balance the amount of food into the body, this will help you sort of don't get too hungry or lack of energy for the body. The fastest fat loss food should select as celery, tomato, melon, fresh fruits, ...

High protein supplement: sources of energy to create muscle is protein, therefore, how to lose fat and get a toned muscles, you should eat more protein-containing foods such as meat, fish, ... and should limit the fat , grease from animals, limiting the sauteed fried dishes, ...

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