Summer, you need to do to keep your skin radiant

Summer skin care is the issue of being more interested in women. By sunshine, wind, dirt, sweat ... as all these elements are not good to your skin each day. Summer facials way to da white red always not aging?
Own the white skin smooth, healthy and spotless is the dream of many women. However not everyone possesses such a skin. Thus, skin care and improve her skin is always the thing that my sister is very interested. Especially in this hot weather, the summer facials as more important.
In summer, the pores are usually wider than normal to bloom can regulate body temperature and your skin. So that the face skin or oily secretion, perspiration. Besides, the Sun contains ultra violet UV impact on skin moisture loss of the skin create acne and blemishes.
If you do not prepare summer facials reasonably true today, the skin of the women will go strongly stain human prone, aging, no longer keep shining beauty smooth as the original. The following are the principles needed to protect and take care of the smooth white skin. Join the 5 following guidelines improve his facial!
1. Clean the skin
Basic skin care step first is hygienically clean. You should bathe and wash your face 2 times with milk bath, soothing cleanser every day. The products on the market are very diverse but you should choose a category that best suits your skin. According to advice from the professionals, my sister should use products that are extracted from natural ingredients, both clean, just provide nutrients, hydrating for the skin.
This is the most important step to keeping your skin clean and healthy always. Oily skin should choose cleansers containing Salicylic acid component, helps clean the sebum on the skin and prevent breakouts. Dry skin should choose soothing Milky cleanser, moisturizing composition to the skin is always soft. Should also not too abused cleanser twice a day, morning and evening is enough. In addition, exfoliate the skin once a week to help remove the dead cells on the skin, helps the skin clear.
2. Hydrating
This is considered critical care step as the process of cleaning the skin to get a fresh and healthy skin. Whatever your skin type, use moisturizer is essential. If condition, you should ask a dermatologist for measuring the degree of elasticity and sebum to choose the proper moisturizer to your skin.
You should apply moisturizer right after a shower, when your skin is still hold certain moisture. However, you should only apply the amount just enough to seep into the skin, the cream should not be used to avoid wasting too much energy and cause pore blockage.
3. Limited sunshine and use sunscreen daily
Sure you ladies would also know about the harmful effects of the Sun's rays, the UV rays. The sunshine after 9 am onwards that contains much ultraviolet UVB RAYS can make you sunburn, aging and strongly stain human skin. Should like to summer facials real well, you also should limit exposure to the Sun. When out on the street you should wear sunblock brightly to limit heat absorption, wide cones, masks, gloves, sunglasses, ...
To have an effective and more convenient is that you can use sunscreen. You can find out how to select sunscreen before choosing to buy any type. Define his facial skin is oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, or to be able to choose the most appropriate sunscreen.
Bring sunscreen, toothpaste tubes according to the apply for every, 3-4, obliterate before 30 minutes before the Sun. Sunscreen products have two categories that are for the face and for the body. To facials you should choose the right type of sunscreen for the face. This also helps the more convenient for the makeup with sunscreen.
4. Skin exfoliation
For 14 days, the skin will regenerate once again. 28-30 years, skin regeneration process lasts up to 28 days. During this period, the old dried out skin, dead skin cells sticking together. Each week exfoliation about 2 times will help clean skin deeply, take away the dirt in pores and dead cells. Thanks to it, your skin will be fresh and absorb moisturizers better.
5. Living in moderation:
Provide enough water for the body during the summer to help prevent dry skin
Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, reducing the food contain more fat and hot spicy oil. Drink plenty of water, at least 2.5 litres of water per day.
Limit alcohol and tobacco, which is the cause of dehydration and dryness of the skin, making the skin aging quickly ... to sleep early and enough sleep to the skin has time to recover. Besides, you should also choose a sport to practice every day, has just increased resistance has just help the body, sweating and discharges of substances through the skin, helping skin dregs toned and energetic.

It's simple, just a little note to you is not concerned what the sun can damage your skin.

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