The Rules Of Color Mix You Need To Know

To coordinate effective you need real attention to the designs of the costumes, however it is important that our colors, when distribution map you need real attention to the color of the costume you need coordination.
To coordinate effectively, then first of all you need to really understand about the colors were:
With the importance of coordinating colors in the dress to more beautiful and subtle than who no one is that important to know. So many people spend a lot of time to learn about the concepts of color, the color is compatible, engraved. So if you understand and know how to color combinations for your clothes, then make sure that the look you will have an elegant style and luxury, and if you keep the arbitrary arrangement, only luck can help b you rather than you will definitely not just a little with your choice!.
Each color has a different look as well as different properties. For example with the color black you will feel it's a glamorous and mysterious color, with white you will see are the nobility is similar to many color engraving that you can select in the style that you want to navigate to the place the point that you will participate to choose the most appropriate setting.
When choosing an outfit, the basic rule is don't wear too 3 colors, you should have a basic color, second and third color color. Of course, the base color is the color takes up most space in colour, while the third color is the color occupying at least, it just has the effect of creating focal points for costumes. If you do not know how to wear color choice, the safest bet is to use the colors. Neutral color such as: black, white, gray, kaki...
The color wheel is often used to serve for the match the colors together, it is the balance sheet by the colors, including colors, the color flax. On some of the color wheel, you can observe is also a color with different strength, help you to consider are the use of colour in the level associated with each other will look more aesthetic. The basic colors mix together is also easier if you use the color wheel, some examples:

+ Color pastel colored a lighter version of the original, created by adding white to a color of the root.
+ Shadow color: refers to a color black adding on.
+ Gray color is created by mixing 2 colors black and white, then the grey phase with the other colors bring mixed color bring the subtlety for costume.
Monochromatic color scheme
Here is how to coordinate the nearly the same colors, located next to each other in the color table in clockwise fashion. On the palette, and 3 the original color that you can not mix from the other colors: yellow, blue and red. All other colors are mixed from the three colors. Basic colors will be great when combined with monochromatic monochrome style, costumes based on only a single color, possibly with the grams of lightness.
With tasteful map on you can choose the style of monochrome colours as follows: red-orange-red-orange; Gold-yellow-orange-Orange; Blue-Indigo-purple ...
Contrast color schemes
Here's matching the varying tones to create a new style and personality. The color of the opposition is set for each other on the color circle. For example: Orange-Blue; Purple-gold, gold is amber-dark blue ...
Neutral color scheme

The color scheme is based on the colors. Neutral colors include black, white, grey, cream, Brown, nude color. With these featured colors on the palette, you can choose any colors, one to the same colours. For example, you can coordinate the red, yellow, Orange, purple with white or black, pink, green, blue color with cream, nude ...
Focus: color schemes
After a few simple steps, you've mastered the color circle. However, in a few cases, you need to look smoother and milder. For example, you like the brilliant costumes but they don't fit the eyes. Once there, you can choose to neutralize by just clicking on 1 single colour. Click on the background color as neutral black, blue or cream.
Apply the color mix of accessories, makeup
Accessories in gold or gold tones should go along the warm color outfits such as orange, yellow, red. .. Meanwhile, silver or silver colours accessories should go along the cold tones of outfits such as blue, purple ...
You can also use this basic color ring to match the tones in makeup. For example, select the corresponding tone for the face with dark purple eyes, purple pink lips; or contrasting tones: purple eye, tail section part cardboard eye gold, copper ...
Facial makeup color mix with costumes also benefits when applying colored rings.
Note when the color scheme:
- Color to create balance contours to the body thanks to the color. Often people will use one color to "dominate" the hues to create emphasis.
- Avoid wearing too 3 different colors otherwise you will accidentally turns himself into a "clown" in the eyes of the people.
- Add a colour tone will help you create harmony for the body.
- Black and white, not in color "contacts". They are viewed as the neutral tones. So, you can combine with any other color or both this color together.
- Gray is also a neutral tones, so can many other colors associated with.
- You should prioritize these dark tones if you want small and bright colors help you to "plump".
- Bright colors, the priority for Austria or the neck because it will show respect for the face skin.

- Accessories and footwear also need to color schemes.

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